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St. Nicholas Orthodox Church is not just a parish within the community that it serves but it is a
"House of Prayer" and as such its goal is not only to serve the people in this community, but to pray
for anyone and everyone in need of prayer regardless of their faith or church affiliations. If you,
or a member of your family; a neighbor or friend needs prayers for healing we are only one phone
call, one email away from you and are ready to assist you in your or their recovery whether it be
emotional, physical or spiritual in nature.

We are ready to serve you. All you need to do is call (509) 484-1604 and speak with Father
Bernard Kinnick or leave a message on his answering machine. He will check for you messages
daily and those requesting prayers for healing will be entered on this web-page. Yes, this is like a
parish prayer chain but different. On a parish prayer chain laypeople pray for the sick and suffering,
rotating their prayers throughout a twenty-four hour period. When you request prayers through this
web-site your prayer request will be answered by all the Orthodox priests in the area from Spokane,
WA to Bonners Ferry, ID. Think about it for a minute. You have four, five, six or seven priests praying
for that loved at the same time in as many different parishes. How powerful is that? what is really
important to remember is that prayer does heal those who are sick!

Call Father Bernard Kinnick at (509) 484-1604 or email him at
and know that everyday between 4:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. your loved ones, regardless of their illness,
regardless of their faith are being prayed for.

The first Saturday of every month we will also be offering a "Healing Mass" at 11:00 a.m. following Rosary
to the Blessed Virgin Mary. If you are in the area we ask that you stop in and participate in this special healing
service. We will pray for all the sick during the Mass but at the end of the Mass you are welcome to come
forward to receive special prayers, unction and/or the laying on of hands. If you believe, it will happen!

The peace of God that passes all understanding
keep your hearts and minds in the knowledge and
love of God, and of His Son Jesus Christ our Lord,
and the blessing of God Almighty, the Father, and
the Son, and the Holy Ghost be with you, today
and remain with you always, through Jesus
Christ our Lord. Amen

A Prayer for healing:

O Lord Jesus Christ, our Savior, the Physician of souls and bodies, who didst become man and suffered death on
the cross for our salvation, and through thy tender love and compassion didst heal all manner of sickness and
affliction: do thou, O Lord, visit me in my suffering, and grant me grace and strength to bear this sickness with
which I am afflicted, with Christian patience and submission to thy will, trusting in thy loving kindness and tender
mercy. Bless, I pray thee, the means used for my recovery, and those who administer them. I know O Lord, that I
justly deserve any punishment thou mayest inflict upon me, for I have so often offended thee and sinned against
thee, in thought, word, and deed. Therefore, I humbly pray thee, look upon my weakness, and deal not with me
after my sins, but according to the multitude of thy mercies. Have compassion on me, and let mercy and justice
meet and deliver me from this sickness and suffering I am undergoing. Grant that my sickness may be the means
of my true repentance and amendment of my life according to thy will, that I may spend the rest of my days in
thy love and fear; that my soul, being helped by thy grace and sanctified by thy Holy Mysteries, may be prepared
for its passage to the Eternal Life. And there, in the company of thy blessed Saints, may praise and glorify thee
with thy Eternal Father and Life-giving Spirit. Amen.

Phoenix Whytock (STN)
Cliff Kutsch
Jim Manson
Sandy Manson
Dianna Henderson
Levi Juvenally (HMBW)
Donna Gibson
Joan Redman
Marilyn Thompson
Elise Cuentas
Kamden Cuentas
Willa Natarajan
Joanna Townsend (SJB)
Shannon Flemister
Howard Wellman
Merrill Bruneau
Sean Kinnick
John Cinciarelli
Fr. Bernard Kinnick
Mike Whytock
Alida Roth
Michael Bulley
Khouriya Karen
Charlie Roth
Elayne Brower
Fay Gregory
Chickie Albright (HMBW)
Robert Davis
Sierra Meyer
Darcy Richardson
Karen Hunt
Don Hazel (HMBW)
Jonathan (SJB)
Brighten Whytock
Anthanasius Spine (CTS)
Kaylan Fitzgerald
Amy Bean
Fey Shedwin
Larrae Fant
Dimititria Babbowa (Uganda)
Diane Blakely (HMBW)
Nancy Brandley
Dick Ames
Subdeacon John Schrom (HMBW)
Margaret McCulloch
Pete Fraser
Liz Soura
Stavros Katsaris (HMBW)
John Soura
Lyndsy (?)
Gary Gillmore
Ki Ki (?)
Fr. Steven Powers
Lisa Whytock
Dianne Buchholz
Bwsiege Maurine (Uganda)
Sam Riehl (HMBW)
Sean Hill
Stormy Meyers
Rose Mary Nakibbuka (Uganda)
Alice Roth (SJB)
Larry Miller Lincoln Sill
Sarah Keller
Laurie (?)
Judy Donnely
Jerry Cox
Richard Cinciarelli
Carmen Musarra
Bob Ceccehini
Father Nolan Redman
Anne Carruthers
Telma Ferari
Walter Nicaise
John & Debra Whytock
Anthony Tofiles
Sebastian Horton(HMBW)
Larry Wemhoff
Jack Brucick
David Klyzik
Vidya Vaughn
Fr. Alex Kotar


Those from our Healing Prayer list that have reposed in the Lord. Rest eternal grant unto them,
O Lord, and let light perpetiual snine upon them. Jesus mercy, Mary pray

Fr. Robert Creech
Rick Novack
Charlote Lee Bullivant
Alice Whytock
Vechnaya Pamyat
Jean Nicaise
Patty States
Charles Kluckholn
Kip Harrison..,
Dale Hagel...
Vera White...
Carol Richardson...
Phil Phemister...
James Cocklin...
Bob Filkosky...

Please keep us informed about the person(s) receiving our prayers...we care about them!

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